Bradford on Avon
Food & Drink Festival

Jon Hackett - Director and Event Organiser

With over fifteen years working in advertising at Ogilvy, where he headed up the TV Facilities and production department, Jon turned freelance cameraman specialising in shooting food and now produces the festival film. He now runs the festival with Lotte covering all aspects, particularly the infrastructure.

Happily, he is also part of the team sampling all the new products from potential stall holders.

His love of food and cooking drives his everyday life, with a good understanding of what makes a product taste delicious. He is also a judge for the Great Taste Awards - run by the Guild of Fine Food.

Lotte Duncan - Director and Event Organiser

Lotte is a Director and event organiser alongside Jon Hackett.

She passionately believes in the strong ethos of the Festival – to celebrate British produce and support artisan producers.

Lotte has worked in the food industry for forty years and is an experienced, chef, broadcaster and food writer.

Over the last 4 years the Bradford on Avon Food and Drink Festival has established itself within in the Food Festival diary and has been a finalist twice in the Bath Life Awards.

Making this fabulous event a fun day out for friends and family has always been at the core, alongside a celebration of delicious food that is both local and national.

Introducing exciting features every year and keeping the festival fresh is very important to Lotte as well as the support that the festival offers to its stall holders.

Apart from Bradford on Avon Food and Drink Festival - Lotte and Jon also run Thame Food Festival in Oxfordshire.


My name is Winnie but if I’ve been eating kippers, I’m called Fish Face.

I am the office dog and actually I think I’m the most important member of the team.

I send the tickets off to our visitors and I can often be found shredding documents - sometimes they are the ones that should have been filed.

I also liaise with the Dog Show co-ordinators making sure all my pals are looking their best. I am the head trainer for the ‘waggiest tail’ and ‘best biscuit catch’ categories.

I think they should have one called - ‘eating the most sausages’ because I’d win.

My hobbies are chasing squirrels - where do they go? I never find them. Finding the muddiest puddle and taking ALL of my toys out and leaving them scattered about the house.

Luckily for Lotte and Jon, I am always available for a de-stress head tickle and I’m great company to have around. They love me.