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Posted on January 09, 2020


Artisan Mallorca dry gin // Distilled to perfection by Eva and StGin Eva’s unique flavour comes from Mallorca juniper berries, botanicals and locally grown citric fruits.All ingredients are distilled in a traditional copper pot still by Eva and Stefan, a Catalan oenologist and a German wine grower.

Our signature distillate. The pillars of our Mallorca Gin are fresh Citrus, Juniper and a hand full of classic gin Botanicals.
"A stunning gin. Refreshing, sippable, yet complex. Delightful when mixed with sparkling water." (David. T. Smith, Gin writer)

Juniper, lemon, bitter orange.
Citrus and juniper, orange blossoms.
Creamy and zesty, nice balance between juniper and sweet citrus.
Light and elegant, long lasting orange.