Full Stall Holder Application 2024

Welcome to our Stall Booking Page!

At Scrumptious Food Festivals we have a wonderful selection of hand picked Artisan and Street Food producers. Many return year on year, and we are always very happy to meet new Stall Holders.

We try to keep the number of each type of product to an exclusive number of producers.
For example, we will only accept a maximum of 5 similar types of food or drink at the festival and often less than that to ensure that everyone has a chance to sell. If you are turned down because of this reason, we will add you to our cancellation or waiting list.

Alcohol stall holder sales are on an off licence basis only unless you have booked as a bar and agreement has been made with Scrumptious Food Festivals. No alcohol can be sold from open vessels. Tasters and sampling is acceptable.


Please read the important information below BEFORE applying through the form at the bottom of the page.

There is a three stage procedure for all stall holder bookings, as below:


Please complete and submit a stall holder application form.
Additional information will be required if you are a new stall holder and not known to us.


Assessment of your stall holder enquiry.
You will then be notified whether or not we can offer you a stall space. The organisers’ decision is final with regard to stall acceptance.


Once you have been accepted we send you a link to book and pay for your stall. You will need to upload required documentation too. We will be in touch before the event with your set up instructions. Your booking is NOT complete until you have sent us all required documentation, agreed to our Terms and Conditions and paid for your stall.

Stall Costs 2024

3 x 2 metre stalls

Artisan Food Stall: £500+VAT

6 x 3 metre stalls

Street Food Stall: £1250+VAT
Coffee: £600+VAT
Bar: £1850+VAT + £20 contribution to alcohol license

Important Information

Application Form